About me

First of all, I’m not a professional artist. I’ve never been trained, except for a few classes here and there, but I love art, I love painting and when I go home after work this is what relaxes me and keeps me up, while I’ve no idea how hours pass by.

I live in London and I work for a museum, which is really amazing because I get to see stunning, beautiful art every day, and visit lots of exhibitions. There is always something to see in London! Except for painting, I love fashion and dance and they both affect my work and will eventually come up here as well.

I started this blog because even though there is tons of content out there, from blog posts to tutorials on YouTube and videos on Instagram, I couldn’t find exactly what I needed; guides from amateurs, showing all the mistakes and difficulties one might face. Painting is not as clean as it seems, it is a big mess of testing and learning!

Most blogs tend to be either devoted to technique or to reviewing, and I wanted a space which has both, because inspiration and dialogue with other artists is so essential for creative people. This is a space to create, get inspired, then get stuck, discuss, and go back to creating.

The Naive Reviews are my non-censored, uneducated, raw opinion on exhibitions. I can see so many people avoiding art because “they don’t get it” but they are ashamed to admit it, and they just give up. My Naive Reviews put that shame away. They are also a statement: art should be accessible and evoke emotions. No one has time to “try to get it” and no one wants to yawn when they could go dancing at Shoreditch or meet their friends at the pub instead. End of.

If you like my posts, leave a comment, and let’s get our creative juice flowing.

You can also follow me on Instagram where I post images from testing techniques or tools and works by other artists, or Pinterest to get more visual inspiration.


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